Reiki Sessions



Reiki Healing Sessions with Crystals

In-Person Sessions (by appointment – call 613-697-3105)

A basic Reiki treatment session starts with a discussion on the purpose of your visit. I will ask you what issue you would like to heal or work on or what you want to achieve in the session. Before you arrive, it would be helpful to think about what you want from the Reiki session.


A typical in-person session last 1.5 hours to two hours. This includes 60-90 minutes of table work and half an hour of discussion and grounding. 

You will then relax on the healing table with your clothes on. Since I combine Reiki with crystal healing, I may start by laying crystals on your body and then I begin the Reiki treatment. I will use various Reiki hand positions either in light contact with your body or slightly above your body. Reiki, guided by its own intelligence will go to parts of your body or energy field where it is most needed. Please note that Reiki is not a massage so I will not be manipulating your muscles or joints.


A Reiki healing session generally feels very relaxing and will send a positive flow of energy through your body and around you. It will relax your mind, body and spirit which may result in feelings of peace, security and well-being.


I may be intuitively guided to wrap up my Reiki session with sound healing from crystal singing bowls or Tibetan bowls, perhaps a guided meditation, or journey work depending on what I sense might be beneficial. But most of the time a full Reiki Healing Session + Crystal Healing session is sufficient.


In-person 2.0-hour Reiki Healing Session + Crystal Healing: $130 (discounted rate)


In-person 1.0 hour Reiki Healing + Crystal Healing “pick me upper”: $90 




Distant Reiki Sessions

Accepted in the privacy and comfort of your home, I can send Reiki to you in a different location at a designated time that we agree upon. You will accept the distant Reiki treatment by saying “I accept Reiki from Germaine.”

The flow of energy begins and lasts for a set amount of time. All you have to do is relax and be open to receiving the energy.


Distant Reiki sessions are 1.0 hour: $90  




How many in-person sessions would I need?

I would only be able to determine the number of sessions you may need after your first Reiki treatment. From my experience, the average number of sessions a client needs in order to resolve a specific issue is three to four sessions. Of course, a little Reiki is better than no Reiki, so if the issue is as simple as needing to relax after a heavy work week, one session is better than none. Some clients like to come regularly, such as bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly for energy tune-ups, chakra balancing or a general clearing of negative energies. Others come regularly as part of their wellness maintenance, while some are on personal self-discovery journeys.  


Longer term issues such as chronic illnesses or trauma may require a healing plan. In such cases I could work alongside your medical practitioner (doctor, psychologist, nurse practitioner, etc.) to supplement their treatment with Reiki.


Note: Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment but is meant to enhance or supplement it. I do not diagnose medical conditions and I do not prescribe medication.

More information:

Duration for In-person sessions: One in-person Reiki + Crystal Healing session with me is usually 1.5 hours to 2 hours because sessions are power-packed and go very deep. This includes consultation time before the session. 


Payments: Cash, Interact-transfers, or credit cards through Square or PayPal. Payments are made before the start of the session. Please note that Payments through credit cards will incur additional fees.


Bookings: Please book in advance by contacting me. (We do not accept walk-ins). Please arrive at the designated time, but not earlier because I may be with another client.


Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice of cancellation or full visit fees apply.


Where: At RW Healing Centre in Westboro, Ottawa. I can also travel to your home but there are extra charges for cab fare.